Take Back My Love

"Is love always feels so painful? If so, I don't want to feel it again .."

A handsome farmer who lived simply in his village, on a day to go into town because there is a damaged farm equipment. Arriving in town, he was impressed with the atmosphere of the bustling city and far different from his village. Suddenly he saw a beautiful and wealthy woman, from behind came a thief who stole the woman's luggage. The farmer immediately help and chased the thief and the thief was finally caught. The woman was delighted and she presented a unique necklace to the farmer. "Take this, this valuable mine and I also have a couple necklace. I give it to you as a token of gratitude and I believe one day we will meet again. My name is Stephanie. "So said the lady. Then the farmer replied, "Thank you, I will embrace gladly. My name is Jack. This is the address where I live and I would be happy if we could send letters to each other "Then they smile and walk counterclockwise. Every week they always send letters to each other and sometimes they also take the time to meet.

Five years later, in the same city, there came a rich man, he is so revered and respected by the residents in the vicinity. "Welcome to Mr. Jack, one resident said. Then the man replied, "Welcome back, glad to see you again." It was the arrival of the jack in the city intends to meet the woman who had his help. Jack asks his friends for help to find the woman and jack mentioned characteristics according to what he remembered. He also drew a picture of her because he always remember how she smiled at him. "She had a necklace the same way," said Jack. A few days later, a friend of Jack managed to find a woman that he was looking for. "She lived 5 miles west of this city," so said Jack's friend. Jack no longer think the immediately rushed to the site where the woman lived.

Right Here Waiting For My Love (Soerani)
Arriving there, it turns out she already has a husband but she looked unhappy. From a distance he saw how her husband had behaved harshly to her and then go left Stephanie who weep. Jack immediately ran toward Stephanie and finally they meet again. Stephanie watch Jack as she cried miserably.
Then Jack said, "why you could be like this?"
Stephanie replied saying, "Why did you disappear 2 years ago without any reason, you don't reply to my letter and I'm so miserable without you by my side!"
Jack can only be silent. "I know who's on your mind just the money and you have forgotten me, Stephanie said."
Jack replied, "I'm poor and you're rich, I'll never be with you and take care of you if our conditions is like it. Right now I'm back to see you again because I love you so much Stephanie. "
"You should see me 2 years ago because at that time I love you so much, I'm waiting every day but you never come back. When I need you, you never existed and I was actually accompanied by a man who never loved me, he is my husband. I tried to forget you and now I have a life of its own with a husband even though our relationship was not happy. Let me live it alone. Forget me, please.. "said Stephanie with crying and rushed into the house.
Jack was silent and he was so sorry..

"Even though I tried to take back my love, though I often say I'm not too late, but in reality I was too late .."

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