Rabbits Too Late

"They said, rabbits are intelligent animals, intelligent, and well liked. He likes to whittle to attract much attention and that's the way he was .. "

A male rabbit who lost their parents try to survive.
He was not too strong, but he is smart enough to fool his enemies.
Many rabbits and other animals like him, because he is so fascinating.
Many good things he has to make so famous in the neighborhood.
But behind his good, actually saved the bad.

He likes to play with feelings of the opposite sex who love it.
One, two, three, or four? Surely he did not remember it because it might be too much.
One day behind a rock, he saw a female rabbit that caught his attention.
With confidence, the male rabbit up to her and ask her to make friends.
He seems quite fond of her and their friendship lasted.
Oddly .. the male rabbits did not hurt her, as he does on the other female rabbit.

Time which in turn makes the male rabbit realizes that he has fallen in love with a female rabbit.
As there is a bond that makes only liked the female rabbit.
Male rabbits and then try to sense what is in the depth of female rabbit liver.
But all did not go well ..
He knew there was a depth of the wound in the hearts of female rabbits ..

One day a male rabbit said,
"I also have the same wounds like you, I hate my life because I lost my parents and so many valuable things in my past. But let me try to heal your wounds .. because I love you .. "
Female rabbit paused, then replied, "Sorry .. I can not tell you .. "
She turned her face and stormed off, while the male rabbit can only be stunned.
Male rabbits suddenly ran after him and hug him,
"I know it's useless to force you to tell, but one day if you want to tell me, I would listen and help."
Female rabbit who was shocked, crying and said, "Thank you".
She wiped tears from her eyes and tried to smile and then hurried away ..

Male rabbit for months trying to cure her grief caused by the incident.
But fate brought them back ..
As usual, the clever rabbit male idol sliver remains.
Behind the crowd, he suddenly saw the figure of a female rabbit looking at it.
Then he approached a female rabbit, holding her hand, and asked her to go somewhere and say,
"I knew my destiny was to love you, but you closed your heart so that you can not feel my love. I'll keep waiting and I will never regret if I do then I know it is a futile thing. "
(Female rabbit was silent and could only stare male rabbits)
"Now I've found a way so that you can feel my love .."
Male rabbit doe lifted her chin, looked at him a moment with a face full of love ..
Then he hugged her with a full embrace of affection and warmth.
"I remember I loved you and now I still love you so much .."
Male rabbits and then looked again, smiled, and then leave.
Female rabbit can only cry without being able to say a word.

Day after day went by ..
Female rabbit never saw him again in a long time.
There was a rumor news that male rabbits have been shot by hunters.
The news undoubtedly make female rabbit was so sad.
However .. on the wall of her tree house, now plastered a large carving.
Carving a face like a visual picture of male rabbits.
And every night arrived, the female rabbits kept looking at him with a loving smile.

"My love may come too late, but this is the case with you .. also my fate to love you .. though my love is love unspoken. "

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