Hair To Remember

Aisha is a beautiful high school student. Sometimes she has a great curiosity. She lived alone with her father. One time she entered her father's room and found a wooden box that she'd never seen before. Because she was curious, so she immediately took the box and taken to her room. She was open and it turns out its contents, a very beautiful long hair. She thought and began to speculate, who's this hair? It seems that a beautiful woman's hair. Is my father had found another woman instead of mother?

In the school does she still think about it and she finally dared to ask her father. "Daddy, who's hair is this? Hair seems to belong to a very beautiful woman!" Aisha asks angrily as she shows the contents of the box to her father. Her father was shocked and immediately scolded Aisha "you take it? Why are you taking my important thing? Restore! "Aisha then return the box to her father with an angry face. Her father could only stunned and saddened.

At night her father asked to speak Aisha and apologized for never telling Aisha. "This woman's hair is very loving father. It's your mother. "Aisha was surprised," mom? "Then the father replied," Yeah .. she died while risking her life for the sake of your birth. "" When dad going out with your mom until we were married, it is now the happiest dad ever felt . Dad was so loved your mother and dad always liked the smell of her body and her beautiful hair. Seeing her makes dad happy. "Aisha was silent. "Your mother gave this hair to me when she was about to childbirth you, she knew i like it and she knew she was the only person who is irreplaceable in my life." Unfinished father spoke, Aisha hugged her father, her eyes full of really happy compassion. "She must be very proud of dad, and in heaven she would always say I love you."

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