If You Are Not There

Maybe so heavy for me
If you are not here
Maybe it feels so lonely
If you are not here

I want to see you every day
I want to see you smile
You are my inspiration
You are the spirit of my life

If it is someday
You and I separated and couldn't see each other again
Before that, I will tell you
How I need you

If it is someday
You and I separated and couldn't see each other again
I would really remember and miss you
And the next day I did the same thing

One Bottle Of Beer To Forget You

You are a beautiful love that never existed in my life
And also bitterest memories that I want to forget
You come to bring sweet love
And left bitter memories

How can I forget you
If I too love you
How can I forget you
If I always feel you there

I want to say how much I love you
But I know you will never exist again
Sometimes I just talk to the wind that I miss you
And it makes me smile and feel relieved

I know I'll never be like this forever
But I also don't know how to forget you
Is one bottle of beer can do that?
If so, I would be very grateful

Lonely Girl

I saw it on the edge of the park
Pretty girl's face shine
Sitting alone in a chair
Waiting for something that I don't know

The girl sitting alone
Although the chairs fit for two people
Accompanied by a beautiful sun twilight
Waiting for something that I don't know

I wanted to accompany her
But I don't know her
She's waiting for something that I don't know
But I know she's lonely

Love Letter To Him

She writes in her bed
In a white letter 
Smile explains
Her feelings for him

She wrote a love letter
But she didn't know how
Only the words in the letter
Or make her love

She's looking for words to write
This letter is a love letter
Views from the heart
The expression of a genuine feeling

This is a beautiful love
But so complicated
Finding the words aren't always easy
To describe situation and love.

Love Paradise

A beach and palm trees,
This is the best way to start the day,
And be in your arms
Love is definitely there.

Will always be beautiful,
So great and happy
Beautiful love
Who live every day
Along the coast
With shellfish,
Seeing the sunrise,
And running,
Only love
And the beauty of water every day.

The trees and palm beach
Sand smooth and love the world,
It feels like heaven
In a simple life.

The beach is quiet,
The water is clear and transparent
And he's very charming,
Love this woman,
I really feel happy.

Soak in water
With dolphins,
They jumped so beautiful
So high,
This paradise island
With this range,
And I experienced the love of the beautiful.

A Road Will Leading You

Did you know that life isn't easy
You can't always fun
And said life was easy
You sometimes have to run away from life

Life can bring us is above the
It also can encourage us immediately falling down
What we can do is fight and try
Because we will not know where life will take us

Life is a wheel that kept spinning
And it will take you through time
Believe me .. a road will leading you
And you will discover the true meaning of your life

Not The Real Me

I'm not a perfect man
I'm just an ordinary person
But I have tremendous love
That can't be purchased by any

She wants me to be a tremendous
To be proud every time
And I'm always excited to try it
Although I often fail

I want to be like that she wants
I want to do it for love
But the longer I try I'm more fragile
Because this is not the real me