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The band with the name of d'Bittersweet formed in 2009 in Yogyakarta, with the formation: Jhe (vocals), Agenk (guitar), Ottonk (Bass), Ricky (Drums). Bittersweet d'names taken from a fruit that is bittersweet fruit. There are two sides of which can be extracted from this name of 'bits' and 'sweet' or 'bitter' and 'sweet'. Everyone has a story about each in the course of his life and the story behind it surely there are various things, whether that's a bitter or sweet. Of the many stories, love may be one of many stories that adorn the pages of life. Love may be able to give a bitter tale of life, but also the power of love can make everything turn into beautiful in its time. At least, that's some things that we believe and become the basic foundation of songs that we created.
Types of songs and music that we choose is pop music that may sound simple, but all easy listening. We want to play music and express our songs in a simple way because simplicity is a reflection of the character of the other four members of our band. We have no doubt brings music like this because by simply playing music, it means we're playing music honestly. We also had a dream for future simplicity can lead our songs to be heard, played, and felt by many people. Dreams that always wanted us to achieve together in this band.
So far, we have managed to create 6 pieces song works with the single "What Is Love" which became our mainstay. Songs of our work are as follows: "What Is Love", a song that tries to make us wonder back in our hearts, what it really is love and why we can feel it. "And You've been Gone" is nuanced mellow song that made us to understand how losing a loved one sometimes feels so painful, although often we try to survive. The next song titled "I Still Love You". This song is like trying to tell a love that is always there for someone you love. "Love of my life" is a song for every person who believes that they have true love in their lives. "In the rain" may be the only English song titles our work, this song is the song the first time we created and it contains the hope and anticipation. Our last song is "God Can Tell". This song makes us wonder what really should we do to always love the people we love.

Band Details
Band Name       : d'Bittersweet
Year Established: 2009
Genre           : Pop
1. Jefri Hartono / Jhe (vocals)
2. Andrew Ageng / Ageng (guitar)
3. Patrick Otvy / Ottonk (bass)
4. Ricky Zefta (drums)
Songs Title:
1. Apa Itu Cinta (What Is Love)
2. Dan Kau Telah Pergi (And You Has Gone)
3. Aku Selalu Mencintaimu (I Always Love You)
4. Cinta Sejatiku (My true love)
5. In The Rain
6. Tuhan Tolong Katakan (God Please Tell)

Contact Person : Jhe / Ottonk
Address        : Perum Yadara Block 2 no.23, Yogyakarta.
Zip Code       : 55281
Phone          : 628562849944 / 628562897990
E-mail         : Seraphi_Jhe@yahoo.co.id
Facebook       : Seraphi Jhe
YM             : midnight_musician

Personel d'Bittersweet

"Thanx To You All"

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